Our Community Shares Their Spiritual Encounters



“Digging deeper in the word of God, through studying certain characters and events in the Bible, allows us to know this loving God more deeply and more intimately. Helping us be more aware of his presence in our circumstances and be more alert and discerning to listen to his voice and know his will for our lives”

Women Leadership Training

In the month of May, DMAH organized two “Be filled to fill” events featuring author and trainer Kelli Gotthardt, that target female Christian servants, ministry workers and leaders from different churches in Lebanon. All 50 attendees received a free copy of Kelli Gotthardt’s book “Unlikely Rebel”, published in Arabic by DMAH. After the training, one woman shared with us “I am happy I attended this training. I felt that everything that was said applies to me. Even though I rarely enjoy reading, but now I enjoy reading “Unlikely Rebel” every single night and taking notes. I am grateful that I got the chance to meet the author Kelli and benefit from her experiences. May God bless her.”

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Voice for Arab Women:

As part of DMAH’s “Voice for Arab Women” project, the third writers’ training hosted 12 Arab women from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. These women will collaborate in writing essay entries for the third and final book of this series, titled “Success Stories of Arab Women”. During the third day of the conference, a woman named Marcel from Egypt shared with us that prior to the conference, she was mentally and emotionally drained from several tremulous events in her life. At first, she came to the third training to honor the commitment she made. But, as she surrendered to God’s plan for her, she experienced spiritual rest and rejuvenation. Not only did she leave with an eagerness to explore her writing talent, but with a real desire to strengthen her relationship with God.


Aya* had experienced the love of Lord Jesus herself, after she was an extremist who considered anyone not of her religion as a non-believer. She was unable to cooperate with Christians until one day she got in a car accident and fell into a coma. The Lord Jesus came to her in a dream, just as He appeared to Saul of Tarsus, and told her ‘I love you, why do you hate me?’ From that moment, Aya felt ashamed and changed 360 degrees. Now, she searches for Jesus everywhere and wants to learn more about Him. At the book fair in Cairo, Egypt, she approached the DMAH booth to search for resources. The volunteers recommended the Exploring Christianity course to be her guide at the beginning of her faith journey. Since then, her faith has been growing as she more deeply experiences God’s love for her.

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Pastoral Leadership Training:

DMAH collaborated with Heart for Lebanon in hosting a training on theological leadership for 165 church pastors and leaders in Lebanon and Egypt. Each received a free Arabic translation of John E. Johnson’s book “Missing Voices: Learning to Lead Beyond Our Horizons”, published by DMAH. One attendee shared with the DMAH team: “A lot of leaders are thrown into leadership without much practical and methodological training. This training is especially beneficial for all current and aspiring leaders. I am very happy to be attending today with my Church pastor. I am assured that my church is being led by the voice of God, entrusted to a leader who is working to identify the missing voices in ministry”.

Women’s Ministry:

Proud Souls Ministry is a church-led ministry that joins the mothers of children with special needs. As part of the support group, the ministry organizes a book club for these mothers. As one mom puts it, “Our soul will always be hungry when feeding on junky pleasures if it’s not fed with the right nutrition needed for growth, which is the word of God”. To kickstart the book club, the mothers gathered for 2 weeks in a row, once in a coffee shop and another time in “The Way”, a Christian bookshop in Beirut, to read “12 Extraordinary Women” by John McArthur, published in Arabic by DMAH. “Digging deeper in the word of God, through studying certain characters and events in the Bible, allows us to know this loving God more deeply and more intimately. Helping us be more aware of his presence in our circumstances and be more alert and discerning to listen to his voice and know his will for our lives” explained Betty Maamari, the parent of a child with learning difficulties. This is the whole idea behind the book club joining the special needs moms together, anchoring and deepening their roots in God the author of their lives. We pray for these extraordinary mothers as they get inspired by 12 Extraordinary women from the Bible.


Children’s Resources:

Children’s resources are the pillars of habitual family story time. Their value is in how they bring the family together around sound Biblical truths and values. At Dar Manhal al Hayat, we believe that this is the foundation of healthy churches in the region. In conversing with a Lebanese young lady, she told us: “The David C Cook Picture Bible [published in Arabic by DMAH] accompanied me all throughout my childhood. Looking back, I recall the Picture Bible being at the center of our daily family devotion time. Each night we would read one story, pray according to what we learned, and meditate on the Bible verses. I remember that all my church friends and cousins also had it. It shaped me into the believer I am today. That’s why, I get so excited when I still see the same edition of the Arabic Picture Bible in Christian homes and church libraries”. This sentiment is shared by many believers in the region who have been collectively shaped by the impact of such children’s resources.

Theological Academic Textbooks:

When we launched the Academic Theological Textbooks project, our main objective was to equip under -resourced seminaries and theology schools with Arabic resources. Many seminaries in the region had been using English books, which represented an obstacle for students who want to advance in their studies, but are not proficient in English. Therefore, it brings us joy to see seminaries in the region adopt the Arabic textbooks published by DMAH, to cater to Arabic-speaking theology students. Peter Scarborough, an instructor at STI (Shepherds Training Institute) and the institution’s regional director, spoke to us saying:

“We are using Church Elders by Jeramie Rinne, which is part of the 9Marks series. The book was extremely helpful in complementing and supplementing the content of the class. The book reinforced material covered in class and spoke to issues that we did not have time to discuss in the lectures. It greatly enhanced the learning experience. Multiple students said that they not only benefited greatly from the book but also enjoyed reading it. The translation was very well done and brought out the unique writing style of the author. When I assigned the book to the students, I was a little bit concerned about the cultural distance between the author of the book and the readers. Could Lebanese students benefit from an American author’s thoughts about a topic as practical as leading and shepherding a local church or would the contextual gap be too wide? I was pleased to find that the students were encouraged and edified by the book and did not find it foreign or irrelevant. They understood the biblical principles being presented and how they could apply them in their own lives and ministries. What a blessing!”