On Monday, February 23rd at 6PM, Dar Manhal al Hayat (DMAH) and the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) will be co-launching three new Arabic-language theology books with a forum discussion and book signing by two of the three authors. The newly released books are:

  • The Arabic translation of the seminal theological work of Ashland Theological Seminary Distinguished Professor David deSilva, An Introduction to the New Testament: Context, Methods & Ministry Formation.
  • The Arabic translation of Professor Grant R. Osborne’s classic title, The Hermeneutical Spiral: A Comprehensive Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, as well as
  • An Introduction to the Old Testament written in Arabic by Lebanese historian Rev. Dr. Issa Diab.

The book launch encompasses a seminar, entitled “The Relationship between the Agent and the Client: Towards New Understanding of the Doctrine of Salvation”, featuring Dr. David deSilva and Dr. Issa Diab. These books are part of longstanding partnership between ABTS and DMAH, which aim to bring quality Christian educational resources to enrich the Arab world. DMAH worked with ABTS to identify the most-needed titles to translate to Arabic, and to ensure the highest standards for the translation. These three books are unique resources in the Arab world, responding to the need of Arabic-speaking seminary students for Biblical resources in their own language.  Sawsan Tannoury, Director of DMAH, said, “The Arab world is in dire need of good theological resources. In this period of persecution and political upheaval, we must build a firm platform for the Arab Church to encourage them, help in their Biblical studies, and empower them to pursue God’s will for their ministries all over the Middle East. We at Dar Manhal al Hayat are proud to be publishing such valuable and quality resources that will last in the Arab library, and our upcoming e-library, for generations of seminary students.”

On Wednesday, February 25th, Dr. deSilva will be holding a round table discussion for ABTS students to discuss Paul’s actual vision for, and proclamation of, what God was seeking to accomplish among the churches in Christ as expressed in Paul’s letters. Students will be able to interact with Dr. deSilva whose multiple degrees in theology with an emphasis on the New Testament from Princeton and Emory University make him an interesting and compelling speaker for our seminary students.

Finally on Thursday, February 26th, Dr. deSilva will give a talk at an ABTS public forum at 7PM on the Book of Revelation. He will be addressing common misconceptions about Revelation, while exploring its writing and communication as an act of political, economic, and ideological critique. Dr. deSilva’s lecture will present an alternative approach to Revelation, beginning with honoring its character as “letter”, biblical “prophecy”, and “unveiling” (or “apocalypse”). He will argue that John was engaging in a critique of contemporary powers, giving us a model for engaging in similar analysis and resistance in our modern context. We look forward to your participation at our seminar and book launch on Monday, February 23rd (6PM), and at our Public Forum on Thursday, February 26th (7PM). Headset translation will be provided.

This announcement was first published on the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary’s website on February 20th, 2015.