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Dar Manhal Al Hayat (DMAH) is a Christian publishing house based in Lebanon that publishes, distributes, and brings to life a wide range of Christian and educational resources for the Church, Christian organizations, and the wider community throughout the Arab world. DMAH has been a leader in Christian publishing in the MENA region for over 60 years.


Proclaim Christ, equip the Church, and encourage Gospel-shaped living among Arabic-speaking communities through relevant Christian and educational resources.


To see a transformed Arab world by promoting a holistic understanding of the Gospel.

Publishing Principles

Our editorial team seeks to translate, publish, and produce resources that fit our ethos and purpose as a Christian publishing house, as reflected in the following principles:

Faithfulness to Scripture: Witness to the divine truths found in Scripture, acknowledging that the inspired Word of God is the ultimate standard in all matters of faith and practice and is useful for “teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Tim 3:16-17).

Edification of the Church:Proclaim Christ and His redemptive work through nurturing the Church and its leaders, believing that the Church, which exists and is empowered by God’s Spirit, is called to carry on Christ’s work of redemption and reconciliation.

Excellence in Work:Exhibit high standards of quality, promote critical thinking, and foster an environment of respectful conversation and debate.

Relevance to the Community:Embody spiritual, social, and cultural relevance for the Body of Christ, particularly Arabic-speaking believers.

More than a Publishing House

Our services and initiatives include

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From Paper to Screen

We are shifting from a traditional publishing house to Christian content creators, embracing digital platforms to spread the Word.

Diverse Content: Explore articles, podcasts, videos, and audiobooks, all centered around Christian values.

Community Engagement: Join discussions, grow spiritually, and connect with fellow believers online and in-person events.

Personalization: Tailored content to meet your spiritual needs.

Collaboration: We’re open to partnering with like-minded organizations for a greater impact.

Stay tuned for updates and new releases as we embark on this exciting digital journey together.

Thank you for being part of our transformation.

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The dramatic reading of the Bible application has bestowed an additional blessing upon my life and that of my wife. Its impact is undeniably evident in our day-to-day existence.

I must also acknowledge the remarkable professionalism demonstrated in the recordings.

This application has elevated my spiritual journey to new heights. Thank you!

Rabih Wazir