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Do you feel disconnected from God?

Are you . . .

  • Seeking the truth about faith in God
  • Struggling to understand the Bible
  • Longing to participate in meaningful conversations
  • Searching for affordable Christian books near you
  • Noticing that your church needs resources to build the body of Christ

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Discussing sensitive spiritual issues can be hard in your circle. Finding the suitable resource for you can be challenging. Join the journey at Dar Manhal al Hayat — where seekers become finders. read life-changing stories of those who’ve found what they have been looking for.


Betty Maamari

12 Remarkable Women

Parent to Parent Support Group Coordinator at SKILD Center

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Church Elders

an Instructor at a Christian Training Institute

“Digging deeper in the word of God, through studying certain characters and events in the Bible, allows us to know this loving God more deeply and more intimately”

“The book was extremely helpful in complementing and supplementing the content of the class. The translation was very well done and brought out the unique writing style of the author. I was pleased to find that the students were encouraged and edified by the book. What a blessing!”

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“DMAH is one of the few well-functioning publishers in all of Lebanon”

Jeremy Taylor

President, Tyndale Foundation

Each book is a ministry, not a product

For over 60 years, DMAH has been a leading Christian publishing house based in Lebanon that publishes, distributes, and brings to life a wide range of Christian and educational resources for the Church, Christian organizations, and the wider community throughout the Arab world.

We believe that each copy of our book carries the Word of God, and the Word of God does not return empty.

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